Tullyleash Brooch


Tullyleash Brooch

8th-9th century St Berechtir. Tullyleash, Co Cork. This beautiful knot has a great tale to tell as it has the name of a Saxon prince, one of three who fled Britain to Ireland after the Synod of Whitby 664 AD, carved down one side and the Cross is from the Great Carpet Cross of St Matthews Gospel Book of Lindisfarne. The beautiful knot is placed in the middle of the cross as a symbol representing Christ as the centre of the universe.

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Tullyleash Brooch

The Tullyleash Cross is from a 9th century slab cross for St Berechtir, in County Cork, Ireland. It resembles a page from the Book of Lindisfarne, the Great Cross-carpet page, folio 26b St Matthews Gospel. As this knot work sits in the very centre of the cross it may represent Christ as centre of the Universe.

This is available as either a brooch or a necklace.

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Sterling Silver

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