Are the pieces solid sterling silver/solid gold?
Yes. All pieces are solid sterling silver and, where used, solid gold.  This includes the chains.
In particular, our rings are longer wearing and hold their shape much better compared to many gold and silver rings available in large jewellery stores. This is because they are made in solid gold and silver, rather than hollow gold and silver.
Desmond also makes the findings by hand, includes the earring hooks, pendant clasps and bales, and bracelet clasps.
I am a gold person! Do you make the pieces in gold?
All of our pieces come in solid Australian sterling silver as standard, however, each piece can also be made in solid gold by special order (9ct, 14ct, 18ct yellow, or rose gold, excluding chains which are available in 9ct yellow only). We used to carry a lot more of the pieces in gold as standard. However, the gold price in Australia has been fluctuating greatly, so it can be difficult to give a price for our pieces in gold now, so they are only by special order.
We still incorporate gold elements into some of our pieces, but if you have your heart set on a piece to be made fully in gold, particularly our rings (which are popular wedding rings), please contact us to discuss. 
What is the colour in the pieces?
Desmond uses ColorIt enamels in some of his pieces. Whilst this is not strictly an enamel, it is a hi-tech “enamel” which is also used in dentistry, made from a ultraviolet light cured polymer ceramic. It is shock-, wear-, scratch- and impact-resistant.
Compared to traditional heat cured glass enamels, which can chip and crack, the ColorIt system produces far longer lasting “enamel”. It is perfect for everyday and special occasion jewellery.
How do I clean and care for my jewellery?
To keep your pieces lovely and shiny, clean them regularly with a silver cleaning cloth. You can buy these online, or from your local jewellery store. We have found that the ones sold at Prouds (“Elite”) tend to be the best. 
If the piece needs a little more than just the cloth to clean it, you can use a soft toothbrush and a tiny bit of toothpaste to clean and get into the grooves. 
Please DO NOT use any jewellery dipping or cleaning solution on your pieces. Each piece is hand finished with a number of polishing finishes, including a finishing compound called “Dilux Blue”. The jewellery cleaning solution can strip it of its lustre.
If you have been wearing your piece for years and years, or it is really in need of a good clean, then we offer a free cleaning service using our ultrasonic cleaner. All you need to do is post your piece(s) to us by express post, and include in the bag a return express bag with your name, contact number and address.
PO Box 12303
Clunes NSW 2480
Do you ship internationally?
Yes! International shipping will be calculated at the checkout.
How does it come packaged?
All our pieces come gift wrapped in simple paper and paper gift bags. 
What if the product is out of stock?
If you place an order for a piece which is currently out of stock, we will contact you straight away to let you know. As each piece is handmade and hand finished by Desmond Mackenzie-Harris, sometimes we do run out of stock. Despite our best efforts, we haven’t quite got the hang of using the inventory system online! 
Usually a piece can be made and sent out in 2-3 weeks if we are out of stock, but we will always discuss the options with you prior to going ahead.
Can the pendant fall off the chain?
Each of the pendant hooks are made so that they will not fall off the chain. Your piece will stay secured and you never have to worry about losing it!